Our Mission

To bridge the gap between Students, Alumni, Professors, Professionals, And Hawaii's Future

We believe that promoting technology to Hawaii's youth through awareness and discussion of technological related issues are the keys to solving the problems of tomorrow.

What We Do

We teach. We learn. We promote.

We also enjoy more than a laugh or two whenever it can be spared.
But that doesn't mean we're not serious about what we do.

Our Specializations


There's a potential for flaws in every system. We're concerned with this. We believe in securing our systems and environments. We do so through the use of penetration testing, active monitoring, and more importantly - user education.


Without software, our underlying computer infrastructure becomes incredibly tedious to utilize. Understanding this piece of the puzzle is key to successfully understanding how everything comes together.


Our fundamental architecture. These are the devices that make our world run as we know it. They range from simple switches to complex virtualized machines potentially running hundreds of different servers on one device.

Our Targets


Our main target. You're the lifeline of what we have. Without our students, we don't have a club. You all are the day to day experience that makes this club worthwhile. We welcome all students to come and join us for any degree program or campus. Regardless of your level of knowledge or experience. We're all here to learn.

Alumni & Industry Professionals

Former students now turned mentor. You're already in the field slaying dragons. You know your way around a router and a PowerEdge server isn't something that you're frightened of anymore. We want to bridge the gap between former and current students by giving them an avenue to discuss technological developments in Hawaii.


We see you every day. We learn from you both technically and personally. You're our true role models at the end of the day and shape the experiences our lives can potentially have. We invite you to come into our realm and see what we're like outside of class. We'll often have student-run presentations on projects or ideas they've been working on. Come by and see what the fruits of your labor have sowed.

Hawaii's Youth

You're the future just as much as we are. We want to get you interested as well. We're looking to promote students to get into STEM fields and show them the options they have to stay in Hawaii and get the proper training they need to grow.

Our Goals for Hawaii's Future

Promote Strong Work Ethics

We believe in instilling strong work ethics and a thirst for knowledge with our members. These skills are key to promoting healthy work environments and happy life styles.

Encourage Hawaii's Youth

Enthusiasm about a subject from a young age allows students to get a step ahead of everyone else when they enter the college field.

Growing From Experience

Sharing ideas and experiences allows us all to grow. Our experiences and lessons learned in life give the next generation the ability to go farther.

Connect the Industry and Students

Bridge the gap between industry professionals and students to create dialog and place to discuss issues and ideas relevant to our current sector.


Hawai'i Advanced Technology Society