Past Events

ISSA Conference
10/14/2015 - 10/15/2015

Great job to all of those who came out to ISSA! The event was highly successful for HATS - providing an opportunity to learn, network, and grow. We got a chance to put our name out there and we did an amazing job. The conference provided an excellent opportunity to converse with industry professionals and vendors alike and we took every moment and ran with it. We were able to get business cards, personal emails, and create links with companies that otherwise would have never heard of us. On top of that, we were able to prove that we could compete with industry professionals and a few of their own teams by coming out on top in a small CTF event. Winning the event garnered, even more, interest in HATS and allowed us to network even further, setting up potential future talks to our students and alumni. We'd like to thank Vince Hoang for setting up the CTF environment and then entire ISSA Hawaii crew for putting on the event. Overall HATS walked out of the competition with the following prizes: Apple iWatch (Kevin Ryan), 27" Samsung Curved Monitor (HATS CTF Team: Derrick Le, Gerome Catbagan, Jayson Hayworth, John Paul McManus, Kevin Ryan, Todd Nakoon), 27" Samsung Curved Monitor (Jayson Hayworth). Both of the Samsung monitors were donated to Honolulu Community College's CENT program, where they'll be utilized by students in the network operations center.

Meeting with Cyber Patriot Program Representatives

Thank you, everyone, for coming out to see what the Cyber Patriot Program is about! We'd like to thank the representatives from CyberHui for coming by and showing us how we can get involved with the program. We're all excited for the program and can't wait to get involved with the entire project. The Cyber Patriot Program is a Cyber Defense competition for High School students. The goal of the competition is to increase their awareness and develop skills necessary to become the security experts of the future. They're currently looking for mentors to support schools around the island. If you're interested in assisting with the program, please feel free to contact one of the officers for more information.

Meeting with AFCEA TechNet - Yogi Fong

Great turnout for our very first guest speaker, Mrs. Yogi Fong. During the course of her presentation, she went over the potential for our impact and the benefits that we can receive by volunteering at TechNet. Discussing topics such as the vendors that will be present at the conference, various panels and presentations, CEU opportunities, and volunteering prospects. We also touched on topics such as how to approach vendors for potential job prospects or internships and elaborated on proper etiquette and making yourself stand out. Mrs. Fong also discussed the benefits of joining the Young AFCEAN's club as another method of marketing yourself and furthering your education. Thank you to those who had the chance to make it down today. But don't forget to sign up to volunteer for TechNet!


Hawai'i Advanced Technology Society